In-Service Worship Service Baptism (Adult or Youth)


Baptism is a public declaration of faith in Jesus and a mark of identity as a part of God's family, the Church. We celebrate baptism together as a church, during the weekend Worship Services. We would love to celebrate your baptism with you during the Worship Service, in the Worship Center. Please review the following consideration before registering for a Worship Service Baptism.

Worship Service Baptism Candidate - Who is eligible for IN WORSHIP baptism?

  • Anyone who wants to be baptized by an OHC minister. (Sorry, no parents or 3rd party baptizers for in-worship baptism. Please ask about our other baptistry locations.)
  • Anyone who wants to be baptized individually. (Sorry, the baptistry tub space does not allow for couples or multiple family members inside the worship baptistry together. Please ask about our outdoor baptistry instead.)
  • Anyone who approves of their name and image to be shown publicly. (Service is live-streamed and archived online, photos and videos may be used for any Oak Hills Church print or digital media).
  • Anyone who can safely and comfortably navigate climbing up steps and stepping up into and out of a large tub. (One parent may accompany a small child on stage as needed. Those with accessibility accommodation requests are encouraged to use our outdoor baptistry. Please let us know how we can assist.)

If the in-worship baptism experience is not for you, that's OK! You can be baptized any day, anywhere. At OHC we also offer indoor and outdoor baptisms. Please check out other adult and child baptism registration options to find the right time and place for your baptism.

Please click the REGISTER button below to tell us more about your (your youth's) baptism interest. We will contact you before their baptism to discuss details and help you plan for this important next step.


Oak Hills Church practices "believer’s baptism," meaning that we ask people to articulate for themselves the “gospel why” and share their salvation story with our elders or ministers prior to their baptism. While there is no minimum age a child can be for baptism, we believe it is important they are old enough to declare their belief in their own words. For infants and young toddlers, we encourage you to dedicate and celebrate during our Baby Blessing Family Milestone. Click HERE to learn more.

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